AFM 2000 Nanoview 

Light aluminum-frame design and demountable structure make carrying and teaching easy and convenient.
Scan head and sample stage (XY table) are designed together with strong stable performance.
Precision laser detection and probe alignment device make the laser-adjustment and probe-replacement simple and easy.
The coarse sample-to-tip approaching may be made manually or automatically; in order to carry out precision positioning of the scanning area as well as to avoid an accidental cantilever crash.
Camera with 4X (or 10X) magnification allows cantilever checking and sample positioning: the image is always focussed on the cantilever and therefore allows an easy observation of the sample surface.
Springs suspension warrants good performance for vibration isolation .
Integrated scanner nonlinearity correction makes the measurement precise within 98%.

Main specifications

Work mode: Contact orTapping (optional modes: Friction, Phase, Magnetic or Electrostatic)
Sample Size:Φ≤90mm,H≤20mm
Scanning range:20um in XY direction,2um in Z direction. (up to 100um optional scanner)
Scanning resolution:0.2nm in XY direction,0.05nm in Z direction.
Range of sample movement:±6.5mm.
Pulse width of the step-motor approaching:10±2ms.
Image sampling points:512×512.
optical magnification 4X,optical resolution 2.5um. (optional magnification 10X)
Scan rate 0.6 Hz ~ 4.34 Hz,scan angle 0°~360°.
Scanning control : 18-bit D/A in XY direction,16-bit D/A in Z direction.
Data sampling:14-bitA/D、double16-bit A/D multi-channel synchronous sampling.
Feedback:DSP digital feedback.
Feedback sampling rate:64.0KHz.
Computer interface:USB2.0.
Operating System:Windows XP/7/8/10.


Scanner Diameter Thickness Scan Range X Y Resolution Z Resolution
20um 7.1mm 0.8mm 20um±5% 0.2nm 0.05nm
50um 9.5mm 0.6mm 50um±5% 0.2nm 0.05nm
100um 9.5mm 0.6mm 100um±5% 0.25nm 0.08nm

Some examples

Butterfly Wing

Size:20×20 μm
Credits:Suzhou Lida Middle School
File Name:02-butterfly wing 20×20 μm.png

Ps Ball

Credits:Tsinghua University
File Name:01-PS ball10x10um.bmp

Alumina Al2O3

File Name:04-Alumina Al₂O₃10x10um.jpg