via B. Cristofori 31, 35137 Padova, Italy
LabTrek srl is a small firm, born as spin-off of Bologna ad Padova universities, to share the experience acquired in teaching courses of Physics Lab.

LabTrek designes and produces prototypes of experimental apparatuses for advanced Physics Lab.

On demand, LabTrek designes and produces exhibits for Science Centers.

LabTrek is the european dealer of NanoTutor SPM, a low-cost Atomic Force Microscope, able to perform AFM & STM analysis and MicroLithography

Pendolo Foucault Padova

The Foucault pendulum made by LabTrek
inside Palazzo della Ragione at Padova (file .mp4 , 4 min 6Mb)

Description of the pendolulum setup (pdf 4Mb)




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