Small electromagnetic gun

Large electromagnetic gun

An amazing device that shoots up a metal ring at high speed (to an height of many meters).
A powerful capacitor is charged up to an adjustable and measurable voltage, and then discharged through a coil made of few turns.


You may use several rings made of different conductors (aluminum, copper, iron), normal rings or cut rings (with radial or concentric slots) that are provided as samples; or you may use objects with various shapes (e.g. conducting wires shaped as close circuits).
 This experiment involves various electromagnetic phenomena: the magnetic field generated by the current pulse, magnetic induction, Lenz law, capacitor discharge, induced current, etc.
The system is remote-controlled (for safety reasons).
The charging voltage may vary from zero to 330 V.
Maximum stored energy is 120 J.

Amazing exhibit for science-centers or class-room experiment, this much more powerful version of the Small Electromagnetic gun.
Here the maximum stored energy is 500 J. It shoots up rings with a diameter of 18 cm to an height of more than 15 m at very high speed. Remote controlled, it is provided with several metal rings. .


It may be supplied with a metal luggage for easier transportation.
A version for science centers (produced on request) provided with a vertical bar that acts as disc retainer, is shown in the following picture

In this version the disc is guided by a vertical bar and it is stopped at the high bar end.
The photo at right recorded the disc motion with an exposure time of 1/1000 s.
  • Study of the relation between the height reached by the fired ring and the voltage supplied to the capacitor
  • Study of different behavior of different rings (shape, conductivity,...)

  • Electromagnetic gun
  • Rings made with different materials, different thickness and shape